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16 05, 2019

Been there, Done That, Got the T.Shirt!

May 16th, 2019|Uncategorised|

There are loads of people who often say they would love our job, its usually when we talk about the days when we work with the Police and stop cars with children and/or child seats in and check them over. It is a great opportunity to talk to drivers and parents about their children’s safety [...]

21 02, 2019


February 21st, 2019|Uncategorised|

Warning – there is a lot of references to wine in this blog, it is no reflection on the author's state of mind as a mother of two daughters on half term holidays. But more about us all speaking the same language. Wine was invented because raising children isn’t easy…. Why would you move your [...]

7 02, 2019

The Unknowns of Second-hand Car Seats

February 7th, 2019|Uncategorised|

“I need a car seat as an extra one for the grandparents.  I don’t want to pay a fortune as it’ll only be used occasionally. I know, I’ll have a look on eBay! Wow there’s 3,983 for sale - loads of choice! This one looks a good one - £10, collection only, and it’s just [...]

21 01, 2019


January 21st, 2019|Uncategorised|

If you're like us and hate this time of year when adverts appear on the TV for that perfect dream holiday, where you sit by a pool with a good book, not a frizzed hair in sight and looking stunning, whilst your little ones jump safely and without concern into that beautifully peacefully pool. Then this [...]