Upcoming Events 2023

These events are free to attend and no need to book an appointment, just pop along to the venue and look out for the Child Seat Safety Team. You can’t miss them they are usually wearing pink jackets!





Poole Park – The Ark Tuesday 12th Sept 23 9:30am – 4:30pm No booking required
Bournemouth – Littledown Centre Wednesday 13th Sept 23 10am – 2pm No booking required
Swindon – Asda, Haydon Supercentre SN25 4BG Tuesday 3rd October 23 10am – 3pm No booking required
Sailsbury –  Nadder Centre SP3 6HJ Wednesday 4th Oct 10am – 3pm No booking required
Chippenham – Sainsbury’s, Bath Road, SN14 0BJ Thursday 5th Oct 23 10am – 3pm No booking required
Poole Park – The Ark Tuesday 7th Nov 23 9:30 am – 4:30pm No booking required
Bournemouth – Littledown Centre Wednesday 8th Nov 23 10am – 2pm No booking required
Christchurch – Two Riversmeet Leisure Centre Thursday 9th Nov 23 9:30am – 1:30pm No booking required

Event Types

Child Seat Clinics

Community car seat safety checks for your customer. Offering advice and guidance.

For the last few years, we have been travelling around the country helping Car seat Manufacturers, Local Authorities and Police Forces to offer free checking events. The results from our findings were published in early 2014, where we found that 51% of child car seats were incorrectly fitted into vehicles.

The news for 2016 is similar, although some families were stopped at enforcement locations that we attended in 2013 – 15 , on all occasions and after receiving our guidance on their attendance at their first enforcement stop they were still continuing to follow our advice and were correctly restraining their child in their vehicles.

These are normally held at supermarkets or retail parks and arranged through the Local authority to link to a campaign they are carrying out. The general public visiting the store are informed about the event as they are entering the stores; this is reinforced by in store announcements whilst they shop.  When leaving the store they are asked if they would like to take advantage of this free service.  Child Seat Safety provides a comprehensive report of the results from the event/s and advice on future messages and target areas.

These checks are often carried out as part of a in car safety campaign already ongoing by the constabulary.  The vehicle is stopped by the Police Officer and asked to pull into a safe, off road location, where a CSS expert checks the restraint and its child occupant.   If there is no child restraint present or the restraint is inappropriate, then the Police Officer will be asked for input on the legal implications for the driver.  It must be reiterated that this is an educational exercise and where appropriate the driver will be encouraged to acquire and use the correct and compatible child restraint rather than face a fine, evidence of this is obviously required to prevent prosecution.

Similar to the Community Checks, Child Seat Safety provides a comprehensive report of the results and guidance as to common issues found and how to address these in the future.

If you’d like further details on how you could arrange either a community or an enforcement event please email info@childseatsafety.co.uk or call Julie or Claire on the numbers provided on our home page.