One of the most common comments we get at Police enforcement events goes something like this…

“ You want to get down to my children’s school and have a look at the amount of children in wrong child seats, if they have any at all!”

We also hear lots of parents say to their young passenger….

“ See, I told you the Police will stop our car and tell us off!!”

That’s because we do help target the school run along with the Police will located near schools, not to be cruel or to tell you off,  but to help educate parents and their children about how life saving a correctly fitted car seat will be.

But we also appreciate, as parents ourselves, that sometimes getting them to use the correct car seat can be a battle.  However, some parents give in to easily and think it is only a short journey and they know the roads really well. Don’t forget, we’re more likely to be involved in a collision less than a 10tha mile from our front doors, because of our complacency, familiarity and belief that our own environment is a safer place and therefore we are quicker to flick on the auto pilot switch.

So, our work is to educate and train the public and the professionals on making sure we get it right every time, just in case a collision does occur.

We’re always being asked by parents can we write something for their child’s school or Nursery newsletter? So here they are!

Nursery & Pre-school newsletter info            School newsletter info

Feel free to copy it and send it to your childs primary school and if they use it, please let us know. We’d love to see it go nationwide.