Warning – there is a lot of references to wine in this blog, it is no reflection on the author’s state of mind as a mother of two daughters on half term holidays. But more about us all speaking the same language.

Wine was invented because raising children isn’t easy….

Why would you move your child into the next stage child seat when the one they have is perfectly fine?

Car seats are classified into either weights or height groups. So for example:

….That makes no sense to me at all !!

So this means to many parents,  that once there child is 9 kg, they can look at a Group 1 seat, however, the seat they already have is good for another 4kg.

That would be like drinking two thirds of a bottle of wine and then leaving it to start a new bottle?

If there’s nothing wrong with it, finish it off before opening a new one.


Believe us, we hear you – and we agree,  Just remember these tips:

 Car seats work best when the child fills the seat,  only move them up if their head is at the very top of their infant carrier or they are over the weight/ height limit.

If you spent £150 on your infant carrier – it should be costing you around £2.50 a week. However, if you only use it up to 9kg it now cost you £4.40 per week – that’s £7.60 a month more – or one lovely bottle of Chardonnay!

Think of a car seat like a motorcycle helmet. That’s what a car seat is, a body helmet for our children. It’s not going to work as well if it’s too big as your head will have space to move inside it.

Car seats don’t age like good wines! – look after the seat, it’s going to look after your child – check the seat regularly, especially if you move it from car to car regularly or other children have used it previously. If it’s aged or moved around a lot it could have damage to it. In that case definitely, open up that new bottle.


Stay Safe (and Dive Sober)

Julie Dagnall (is it their bed time yet?)

Director – Child Seat Safety