All the advisors named below have successfully completed their IOSH Child Seat Safety Awareness qualification, however they are not employees of Child Seat Safety Ltd and therefore are not covered by Child Seat Safety’s Public liability and Indemnities. Therefore we would advise anyone seeking assistance to check  with the individuals named that they have the appropriate insurances.

NameOrganisationContact detailsPhone
Susan Harper
Rachael Aiton
Zoe Maxwell
Stacey Thomason
Mamas & Papas -Edinburgh Fort[email protected]01484 438551
Karen McDade
Christine Fitzpatrick
Mamas & Papas – Glasgow[email protected]01484 438470
Katie McGuireSmyths Toys – Falkirk
Fiona CummingsSmyths Toys - Aberdeen
Debbie Dolan
Lauren Cochrane
Smyths Toys – Glasgow
Alex Scrimgeour 
Michael Chappell
Cathy Ramsey
Charis MacKay
Aberdeenshire Council - Fraserburgh
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
01467 533144
01467 537356
01467 534521 
01467 537427
June AndrewNE Aberdeenshire Council[email protected]-
Deborah BaulchIndependent Advisor[email protected]
Claire CabornDaisy Tree Baby Boutique- 44 Main St Alford,
AB33 8PX.
[email protected] 01464 851687

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